Opportunities To Work With Us

With a Nationwide network of Property Hunters and national marketing campaigns running, we naturally come across numerous opportunities including property deals, service leads (mortgages, landlords, surveys etc). 

This means we’re always looking to work collaboratively with our network of property professionals to help deliver the best experience and service for our clients. 

We also invest ourselves and are always looking for investor partners to work with in return for generous returns and a completely “hands off” return on their capital. 

Here are a few ways you can work with us…

Fixed Return Lending

Not only do we buy property on behalf of our clients, we also invest ourselves. 

This means there are opportunities to invest with us in a variety of different ways. 

One of those ways is via our fixed return lending option where we borrow money from private investors such as yourself and offer a fixed interest rate over a period of time (usually no longer than 12 months). 

You can fully fund projects, or part fund with other private investors. 

Interest rates do vary dependent on the project and the amount we need to borrow, but this usually ranges between 8 and 12%. 

If you’d like to learn more about our fixed return lending options, get in touch below.


Joint Venture Opportunities

Another way to get involved with our projects is to joint venture with us. 

This is different to private lending as we don’t offer a fixed rate of return. 

What we offer is a share of the profits we make on resale or refinance of the deal when completed. 

This option does carry with it an element of higher risk, however, the return on your investment is much higher as profit splits can range from 20 to 50%. 

There is a qualifying criteria for this option and it’s not open to all. Please enquire for further information

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Join Our Network

We’re always looking to extend our network across the UK. 

As we are proactively house hunting on behalf of our clients, we often come across additional opportunities that fall outside our services. This might include traditional sales/lettings instructions, refurb quote requests, surveys etc. 

If you’re an estate agent, lettings and management agent, mortgage broker, surveyor, architect, solicitor, builder, tradesperson, planning consultant or any other industry related profession, please get in touch and we can discuss how we operate and potentially work together. 

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Become A Miramar Property Hunter

We’re always looking to speak with aspiring property hunters to join our network. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Miramar Property Hunter and would like to make a living helping others find properties for their needs then we want to hear from you. 

In return for your commitment in your local area, we offer full training, support, systems and a national marketing function to help you build a long term sustainable property business doing what you love. 

This opportunity really is open to everyone. 

If you love property then you could be our next Property Hunter. 

Learn more about becoming a Miramar Property Hunter below.